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Champ Sports


Little Champ Sports! - Preschool Sports Fundamentals


Weekly Classes

Our SPORTS classes are held once a week at your child's preschool. All classes are 30 minutes in length, and include stretching, warm-up, instruction, and self guided practice and play. There is no specific dress code required, we just ask that girls wear shorts under dresses if applicable. 


Skills Learned

Each class is designed to introduce and teach the fundamentals of different sports. Your child will work on motor-skill development as well as learn: passing, catching, dribbling, scoring, hitting, throwing, serving, and more! We also take time to focus on team work, communication, and good sportsmanship!


Sports Learned

All of our classes are designed to bring an introduction and appreciation of the following sports: Soccer, Basketball, Football, T-Ball/Baseball and Tennis. We bring ALL the fun!


Pricing and Registration

Tuition is $59 per month, and autocharged on the 1st of every month. When you register, you will be prorated and charged only for the amount of classes left in the month. Although there is no contract, the program does auto-renew every month. If you wish to cancel, please let us know by the 25th of the previous month.